How Does One Become a Perfume Distributor?

The perfume industry is worth a whopping $25 billion according to reliable resources and is only growing bigger year by year. If you have a fetish for perfumes and would love being a part of the fashion industry, then becoming a perfume distributor can be the best thing for you. This can make for a rather lucrative career since there are innumerable designers as well as celebrities who offer new perfumes every season. Here is a gist of the process of becoming a perfume distributor:

Sourcing perfumes is the basic step. Figure out what class of brands you would like to stock. It is suggested by award winning perfume distributors that you stock perfumes of all genres, class, and price range so that you can fall back on fast moving low cost designer deo-sprays when the sales of high end colognes are slow. Get in touch with perfume companies and source perfume direct from manufacturer. Look out for supply packages and special offers that can give you a great bargain.

Figure out how you would like to market the perfumes. If you are marketing in a social group, attend events and set up perfume booths. If on the internet, then be on the lookout for large websites like Amazon and eBay, which can be of great help. You can even launch your very own website and make an online portal and join business-to-business networking websites that will connect you to well-known retailers.

Through an IRS website, get hold of a federal tax number. You can get a license for retail sales via the tax department of your particular state.
You can ship the perfumes via other companies. This is a cheap and simple method of distributing the products since there will be no need to buy huge amounts of the product. Your time, energy, and resources can instead be spent on marketing the products and getting leads. The items can then be shipped off the retailer by the manufacturer after the order is confirmed and then one can retain the profit that is charged.
You can try distributing at boutiques and salons. Set up stalls at international consumer exhibitions where there is a possibility of you getting international orders. Set up stalls at trade fairs, consumer shopping exhibitions, and flea markets where you can showcase the products.
Make sure you stay in touch with your clients via regular newsletters where you can post updates regarding fresh stock, new releases etc.
Once you make a name for yourself, you can even collaborate with a cosmetic laboratory and come up with your own brand of fragrance!

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